5 simple tricks to make any guy fall for you

Have you ever tried to seduce a guy and failed miserably? We all know the feeling. However, the important thing to understand is that seduction is a game, an art. Not complicated and unreachable, but rather simple. With seduction, your sexual energy will be stronger and you’ll be thrilled and excited. So, why wouldn’t you enjoy all the charms of seduction? Use these 5 tricks and you will never lack excitement in your life because you will know how to get a guy you want.

1. Flirt with your eyes

The most interesting part of seduction is the eye-contact that occurs before a conversation. But you don’t want it to last more than a few seconds. If he looks back, move your head slightly to the other side and continue with your activities. Then look at him a couple of times to let him know that you are interested. You should add a spontaneous smile as well. If you feel that you have his attention, smile directly to let him know that you are having fun. Then wait for him to approach and if he doesn’t, just move closer and do nothing. That way, he will know that you are ready to talk.

2. Have fun

Whether you are with a man that you’ve already talked to or not, it is of high importance to let him know that you are relaxed. Guys enjoy simple and relaxed conversations. Laugh more and straight from the heart. Because nothing seduces more than a sincere laughter.

3. Choose your topics carefully

When you are talking to a guy for the first time, make sure that you don’t talk only about yourself. Be mysterious, don’t give away information easily and use a few of his secret obsession phrases. Choose interesting topics that will make him laugh. By doing that, he will definitely want to see you again.

4. Show him that you are interested

Guys want attention, just as much as girls do. And he will be flattered if you show him an interest in his stories. Listen carefully what he says. That way you will give an impression that you like to listen and that you are interested in new things.

5. Touch him

Believe it or not, but guys enjoy touches just like the girls. Subtle touches can make a real eruption of emotions, so don’t hold yourself back from them. And make sure they are spontaneous and accidental. That will have a stronger impact on a guy and he will enjoy them.


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